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New Index Guide

on Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:37 am
Towering, snow capped mountains, and thick, wet forest steeply surround a small city known as Abyss Valley. A narrow body of water unsurprisingly known as Abyss lake sits at the center of this town, and it is this lake for which the town gets it's name. Abyss lake is 1,486′ deep, making it one of the deepest lakes in the United States. The city of Abyss Valley hugs the shore of Abyss lake, and curves around in a crescent shape, often earning Abyss Valley the nickname of Crescent City by it's townspeople.

Avatars are required to at maximum display your character from their shoulders, to the top of their head. At minimum you can display close ups of your characters face. Characters should appear human in their avatar. This means no unnatural skin colors, elf ears, and so on. Vampire fangs, unnatural witch or warlock eyes, and glowing wolf eyes are the only exceptions to this rule, but not required.

Only games with extensive and/or hyper realistic customization are allowed to be used to create your character. We do not use real life people as our face claims here. However, your character is allowed to be inspired by, or even cloned from a real life image. If you wish to add another game to the list of acceptable character creators, you are allowed to submit your suggestion in the suggestions box. All suggestions will be considered carefully by the admin. Playbys from the following sources are allowed:

+ The Sims 2
+ The Sims 3
+ Final Fantasy XV
+ Fallout 4
+ Skyrim

+ Second Life - Install for free here!
+ EVE Online - Install for free here!
+ Guild Wars 2 - Install for free here! (Human or Norn only!)

+ Black Desert Online - Try the full game for 7 days free here!

+ The Sims 4 - Get the Character Creator for free here!

Maturity Rating
Adult sexual content is not allowed to be written with minors on this forum. If you want to participate in writing adult content with another adult member on the forum, you can use the [ hide ] your post here [ / hide ] tags to keep your posts hidden from young eyes. When you put your post inside these tags, only you and the person participating in your thread, moderators, and administrators can read the content. Regardless of your beliefs, this rule protects you and the rest of the members from potential real life consequences, and you protect the forum from being permanently deleted by our host.

When threading with multiple characters, it is important that you post only when it is your turn. This can be acheived by taking note of who has posted before you, and remember you are to always post after them. If you are the thread starter, then it is your turn after the final person has joined your thread.

When creating a thread you are required to place a tag before the title. Here are a list of types of threads you can create and how to tag each one:

[Private] Only specific characters discussed out of character can join your thread.
[Closed] This tag should be used for threads that only involve your character. To learn more about solo threads keep reading!
[Open] Anyone is welcome to join your thread, with no limit on the number of characters.
[Open - #] Anyone is welcome to join your thread, but there is a limit on the number of characters who can join. Replace the # with how many extra characters you will allow to join your thread.

To keep threads moving, you are encouraged to post within 1 week from when it is officially your turn. If you do not post within 1 week, you are participating in a thread with more than 1 other person, and you have not asked your thread partners to wait for you, it is possible you will be skipped.
While godmodding is not allowed on this forum, this does mean that your character be modded into the restroom, outside for a phone call, or simply ignored until you return. However, that is the extent of how your character will be modded, and no details will be given as to your characters emotional state, no words will be spoken on your characters behalf, and no special details will be invented by another player. Keep in mind this is just a suggestion. While we'd love for everyone to be active every day, we understand that real life and other hobbies are just as important, if not more. We want you to be active because you want to be, not because a rule is telling you to be.

We do not have a word limit on this forum, however, we are also a paragraph role play. We do not participate in one word, or single sentence role play unless it is in the right setting such as: text message conversations, instant messaging conversations, general online activity, or phone calls. Other than that, you are expected to write at least one paragraph (five sentences) per post, and you are of course allowed to write more. There is no maximum limit, just know that very large posts (2k + words) will be harder for people to participate in due to these posts typically having too much to respond to. These kinds of posts are better suited for solo threads, with people that can't post very frequently, or with people you know can handle such large posts. Just keep in mind that you do not have a maximum word limit regardless.

The rules here are pretty simple and standard. No god-modding (taking control of another persons character, to even the slightest degree) There is a single exclusion to this rule, and that is listed under the "ACTIVITY" heading above.

Be civil out of character. If you are causing drama, participating in drama whether you started it or not, or fanning flames, you are breaking a rule. If you want to be a mediator, just remember the best mediator, is an unbiased mediator.

Don't break site canon, or other peoples canon. That means, you are allowed to creatively add to the world that's been invented, but you cannot change what has already been established. This can be hard to determine because this site has a story that spans over five years, many hours, and thousands upon thousands of threads. There simply isn't enough time in the world to write up an outline that covers everything. So it is okay to slip up here, you're not expected to know everything, and if you do accidentally mess something up, you'll be politely notified so you can change it, and all will be well. As a new member, you'll likely have a lot of questions. You are encouraged to ask them, no matter how many you have, or how silly you may think they are.

And lastly, don't mistake a characters prejudices, cruelty, or general negative words, thoughts, traits, or behavior for the player behind them. A writer is NOT their character, and should never be mistaken for them, or judged for how their character behaves, what they say, or think.

We do not write in second person here. You have the option of first, or third. First person is the I/we perspective. Second person (which is not allowed) is the you perspective. Third person is the he/she/it/they perspective. Second person in character dialogue, however, is unavoidable and acceptable.

Take into consideration all senses when writing. What does your character see, smell, hear, taste, or feel? Don't forget mind, body, and soul. Body language is important, not just your characters, but NPC's can sometimes be equally important. What your character is thinking or how they're feeling emotionally should be expressed in your writing, even if not expressed outwardly by your character. All of these things, while important, will become especially important if you find yourself struggling to come up with sufficient words for a reply.

Provide sufficient content. This means provide your partner with more than a simple yes or no question, give them plenty to react to, respond to, and go off of. After writing your post, read it from an outside perspective. If you had to reply to that post, do you feel as though you have enough to reply to? Have you provided your partner enough to go off of? Remember, time should keep moving from post to post. If you're not adding something new to the story with your post, time has stood still. You can reply and react to the time frame your partner wrote, and still add to the story after.

Solo threads are a wonderful way for you to take control of the narrative and really delve into your characters personal plots and story. These threads are threads that only involve your character, characters, and npc's, and can range from a single post with a single paragraph to nudge events in the right direction, to full blown threads filled with pages of posts that we refer to here as "chapters". You are more than welcome to take advantage of this here, and you are encouraged to read solo threads from other members as well to keep up with what is going on with everyone else. Who knows, maybe your story is linked to another member and you two just don't know it yet!
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